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Every Android device comes with a web browser pre-installed with it. Browser apps are one of the most important apps present on the device and are like an entry point to the web world. You will get multiple choices when it comes to the Android browser for your device. Hence it becomes even more crucial for you to pick the right one. With so much competition around not all mobile browsers can provide you with a smooth and reliable browsing experience. We have prepared a list of 10 Best Android Browsers To Speed Up Your Web Browsing.

10 Best Android Browsers To Speed Up Your Web Browsing

Dolphin BrowserDolphin Web Browser

Dolphin Browser has been around for quite some and popular among the Android community as well. It is free and comes with some good features like support for Flash player, has Adblock feature, incognito mode, and gesture browsing.

Dolphin browser is packed with so many features most people swear by it. It is without any doubt one of the best browsers for Android users.

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Firefox is a well-known browser for desktop as well as Android. The Firefox provides an amazing browsing experience as it comes with features that support HTML5, firefox sync, add-ons support, and allows multiple panels. The is able to sync your videos and web content to any TV that supports streaming. The browser is available on Google Play Store and is free.Google Play Button

ChromeChromeYet another popular browser with over 1 billion downloads. It is a favorite amongst Android users and mostly comes preinstalled with most devices. Chrome comes packed with many features like desktop syncing, unlimited tabs, HTML5 support, news article display, built-in Google translate, faster and safer browsing experience, Google voice search, incognito mode, etc. It comes in three versions Chrome Beta, Chrome Dev, and Chrome Canary. Google Chrome is the more trustworthy performer of the lot. You get all this for free.Google Play Button


Brave is a relative newcomer amongst Android browsers. It is an open-source browser and comes with an Ad blocking feature as well. Apart from this, it can block third-party cookies, block scripts, and it has HTTPS everywhere. It allows you to adjust settings for each individual site as well. Comes with optimizations for speed and battery life improvements. Also has traditional features like bookmarks, history, and a privacy (incognito) mode.Google Play Button

CM Browserc_BrowserAn impressive Android browser that is stunningly fast. It sure would give all other browsers like Chrome, Firefox, etc a run for their money. It is free, secure, and comes with its own anti-virus engine as well that scans in the background while you are browsing. Comes with all the essential features like ad-blocker, bookmarks, speed dial, incognito mode, gesture control, page translator, etc. It also comes with a feature where it automatically deletes all your history when you exit the app, keeping your worries at bay without having to worry about your privacy.Google Play Button

10 Best Android Browsers To Speed Up Your Web Browsing

UC browser

UC browser comes with some great features which use cloud acceleration and data compression technology, similar to the Opera mini browser. It gives a smooth experience while you browse the internet and though it comes with some promotional third-party websites, which might be annoying at times. But with the benefits of enhanced download speed, it is undoubtedly one of the top browsers for downloading and adds up as a download manager for android.Google Play Button

Maxthon5 BrowserMaxthonMaxthon5 Browser is a feature-rich browser for Android. It is also available for iOS, Mac, Linux, and Windows phones. The browser comes with an in-built note-taking tool, password manager, email addresses manager, ad-blocker, displays the latest news articles, customizable speed dial, night mode, etc. Above all, it is fast, secure, and provides a seamless user experience.Google Play Button


What makes Flynx stand out is the unique browser that works in a floating window, unlike a full-screen mode. This allows you to quickly go through multiple articles and links without having to leave the current app you are using. It is easy to share links in this browser via Twitter Facebook etc. and save articles offline for later reading. Of Course, it is free and saves your mobile data as it blocks unnecessary ads.Google Play Button

Puffin Browser

Puffin is a free browser for Android, iOS, and Windows operating systems. It comes with support for flash player to play flash contents. A free browser that comes with brilliant features like a virtual trackpad and gamepad, on-screen keyboard functions, and the option to block pop-ups automatically. You get to pick color themes for toolbar and sidebar, incognito tab, etc, and comes with cloud support.Google Play Button