20 Best Android TV apps you should be using
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Have purchased a new Smart TV and want to make the most of it, you will need to have these 20 Best Android TV apps. Most of the Smart TV’s to come with pre-installed Android Apps but these are basic apps, to have an awesome experience you need to have these apps on your Android TV.

We have tried to keep it simple in our choices where we have picked up apps for you from various categories like video, music, productivity and system apps. So let’s get started with our 20 Best Android TV apps you should be using.

20 Best Android TV apps you should be using


Android TV natively supports Google Cast, which allows you to cast video, audio, or image files from your Android device to your Android TV.

This feature allows you to cast content from Google products such as Chrome browser and Chromebooks directly to your TV screen.

Android TV will not allow you to cast from your iPhone, but you can install the AirPlay app which will allow you to mirror your iPhone or iPad screen on your Android TV box. AirScreen app also supports Google Cast, Miracast, and DLNA protocols.

Ivacy VPNivacy vpn

VPN application will always be helpful as it not only keeps you anonymous while you are browsing the internet but also helps you circumvent geographical restrictions on a lot of online content. Ivacy VPN is one of the best VPN apps available for your Android TV. We would advise going for paid VPN services as many top free VPN Android Apps have privacy and security issues.

Ivacy VPN will cost you as low as $ 2.25 per month for a 2 years subscription with a 30 days hassle-free money-back guarantee.

HopWatch for RedditHopWatch for Reddit

HopWatch for Reddit is a must-have Android TV app especially if you are in love with Reddit. You can keep track of all the latest images, GIFs and videos on your TV right from the comfort of your couch.

The app allows you to choose your favorite media subreddits like /r/pics/, /r/videos, /r/aww, /r/youtubehaiku, or any many more. You can also watch your latest upvoted posts and other movies subreddit.

The app comes with an inbuilt feature that enables you to search for videos, images, and GIFs on the front page of the Internet. It’s a perfect match designed to work on Android TV.


MX Player is a popular video player for the Android platform. This makes it easy to download the app and run it on your Android TV.

The Mx Player comes with a large number of codecs and comes with many advanced features.

Mx Player allows you to stream online video content that supports many third-party movie apps. You can run the app locally to access saved files and content from your external drives. This feature will come in handy as most modern Android TVs come with USB ports.

Sideload LauncherSideload Launcher

Not all Android apps work on your Android TV, as it requires apps to be updated and listed on the Google play store before getting installed. Some apps work and some don’t as they are not streamlined for the Android TV. This is when you can sideload the apps which don’t show up in the default Android launcher.

Sideload Launcher is developed by Chainfire, an app that shows you app launcher icons that any phone or tablet would show you, but which remain hidden on your Android TV.

With Sideload Launcher no more hidden apps, you can install this launcher. Certainly one of the best launchers available right now.


Most of the Android TVs come with Netflix pre-installed on it if it not you can download the app from the Google Play store. The app currently offers a one-month free subscription after which you need to opt for the paid subscription.

Netflix offers you access to thousands of TV movies and shows from all over the world. The Netflix membership is a monthly subscription which you can cancel at any time.

X-plore File ManagerX-plore File Manager

X-plore File Manager is a handy app to have on your Android TV, especially if you plan to install sideload apps.

There are a number of file managers for Android TV available on the Google Play Store like Cx File Explorer, TvExplorer, and An Explorer File Manager. We would like to recommend X-plore File Manager

The apps are convenient while working with your sideloading apps. X-plore File Manager comes with a double pane user interface, this makes it easy to transfer APK files from a USB stick to the device’s hard drive.

Google DriveGoogle_Drive

Google Drive gives you the best access to your computer files on your Android TV. It gives you access to cloud storage. You can download Google Drive from Google Play Store.

Besides this you can also use the X file manager app we explained earlier to download the apps APK files. You can find the APK from websites such as APKMirror.


Plex is an awesome media center application especially if have a personal collection of movies and TV shows. Plex is a no-fuss app that requires no plugins and you can cast your video content on all screens and devices in your home. You can set up your Plex server on your Android TV which makes it easy to transfer files and no hassles of any wires.

The app comes with its own libraries and you can automatically download subtitle files, metadata, movie artwork, viewer ratings, and more.

Plex is available for free as long as you don’t plan to use it remotely.


Kodi is one of the best media center application available, it can manage all your media in one location and access it remotely. Kodi also offers a number of add-ons which makes it an even more powerful application.
Kodi gives you access to media stored on your device as well as on-demand video content which includes live TV, weather updates, news, productivity tools and a lot more.


Spotify offers you a great ads-free musical experience, allows you to listen to the right music and podcast wherever you are. It allows you to create your own playlists of your favorite songs. There are ready-made playlists available as well as you can get personalized recommendations.

Live TV Providers

With the availability of high bandwidth and reasonable prices, the internet is getting popular, and more and more people are canceling their cable subscriptions. Instead, they are opting for la carte live TV services like Sling TV, DirecTV, and PlayStation Vue.

You can enjoy SlingTV and PlayStation Vue by simply downloading the apps on your Android TV. While you will need to sideload the DirecTV app.


Hulu gives you access to live TV and on-demand content all in one service as long as you live in the US. It offers you the largest streaming library to watch thousands of shows and movies, exclusive Originals, past seasons, current episodes, and more on your favorite devices.

The full package costs $39.99/month.

It is one of the best apps available across the platform designed specifically for Android TV.

Network TV Apps

TV channels worldwide be it Europe or the US offer an Android TV app. This helps you catch up on new and watch episodes you miss out on and perhaps the best way to catch up with some of the classic shows, while some also offer live TV.

Some of the networks across the world with Android TV apps are ESPN, FOX Sports, Comedy Central, FX, MTV, HGTV, Travel Channel, Food Network, ABC, Disney, HBO, Showtime, Nickelodeon and many more the list is endless. Some of these apps will need to have you subscribed to their services in order to view the channel.


Twitch allows you to watch live streams of various players – both professional and amateurs, Esports, and any IRL broadcast on your Android TV. You can post live streams of you playing different games. Gaming has become a huge industry and gamers across the world are gaining a lot of attraction with their gaming skills. It may sound silly but there is a huge audience and fan following for gamers across the world.

It helps improve game skills and learn new game moves and approaches to the game and the challenges it offers. If you are into gaming Twitch is a sure thing to check out.


There is a lot of news app available and many come bundled with your Android TV. Not all news apps can meet your needs. Haystack is perhaps one such news app that is meant for the masses as it offers an update on a variety of topics from Science and Technology, Politics and Current Events, to Games and Movie Trailers.

The app offers a nice fluid interface with things laid out exceptionally for your Android TV. The news offered is curated by a number of sources like the AP, BBC News, CBS, and many more.
You can also get handy Weather reports for your location from the weather pane at the bottom of the window.

Google ChromeGoogle Chrome

Oddly, Google Chrome does not come pre-installed on Android TV devices. There’s not even an Android TV version of the app.
Despite the lack of a store version of Chrome, you don’t need to sideload it. If you head to Chrome’s listing in the Google Play Store on the web, your Android TV box will be listed as a compatible device.

Normally Android TV does not come with a web browser, you can install Google Chrome as your web browser by downloading it from Google Play Store.

With the Google Chrome browser installed you can browse the web and get a lot more out of your Android TV.

Wake on LANWake on LAN

Wake on LAN can easily wake up computers from your phone or tablet remotely. This is a vital feature especially when you are using applications like Plex or Kodi for watching streaming media. At times Plex or Kodi servers go to sleep, the Wake on LAN app can give you the power to force them to wake up. This allows you to start streaming your content again.
Steam Link

The Steam Link app was launched in 2018, it brings desktop gaming to your Android device. Enjoy all your PC games on your TV wirelessly. All you need to do is pair a Bluetooth controller or a Steam Controller to your device. Connect your computer running Steam on the same local and start playing Steam games.

Morpheus TVMorpheus TV

If you don’t wish to opt for Netflix which is a paid service you can go for Morpheus TV it’s absolutely free. The app offers a variety of movies, series, seasons, episodes, and actors from the largest community database.

Morpheus TV is a popular streaming app for Android TV with thousands of movies and tv shows updated daily on your device.