3 Best Alternatives For Inbox By Gmail
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By March 2019 Google will stop using Inbox, an experimental mail app. Inbox has been a popular app amongst its followers for the automatic labeling of minor emails. It also has a feature to set reminders for emails and other items. TechnoidHost presents you a list of 3 Best Alternatives For Inbox By Gmail

3 Best Alternatives For Inbox By Gmail

1. Gmail

By next year Inbox will be stopped and this app will not be available for download. Users who have been using Inbox can find the best alternative in the form of Gmail. There is a lot of similarity between the two as both are brought to you by Google. Advertising is the main source of income for Google with Gmail. So with more people using Gmail, Google will benefit from it and the app keeps getting better every year.

While using Gmail your emails are largely organized automatically. They are organized in various inboxes like important, less important mailboxes and many types of mail accounts. You can have your own accounts for Work, Study, and Private in the Gmail app. Gmail also has the memories feature you are similar with while using the Inbox.

2. Todoist

Inbox includes a feature where you can create and postpone reminders in your mail (possibly Google Calendar). If Inbox is closed you can use Todoist for the notes. Todoist is a beautifully designed note app. It allows you to quickly create notes that you can assign to projects and labels.

You can also prioritize your task deadline and reminder. The Todoist app supports both iOS as well as Android devices. You can also enjoy the web version of the app. They also link Todoist with your Google Calendar this will make the reminders appear in your calendar. Todoist is free to use, but you can go for the paid version which will allow you to use all the features mentioned and will cost you roughly around Rs 2751 for an annual subscription.

3. Microsoft Outlook

OutlookMicrosoft Outlook app has been around for many years, though it has been not so popular amongst the many mail apps available for Android. With continuous improvements and acquisitions over the years now deserves to be one of the best mail apps.

Now it comes with a more clear design and a number of handy features. You will get to see only your important emails in the Priority start screen of Outlook. When you click on others you will get to see all your other emails, newsletters, and complaints to purchase confirmations.

Similar to the Inbox, Outlook also allows you to snooze your emails. This will make the emails appear again in your (important) inbox on a chosen day and time.

You can also choose to archive or permanently delete emails. In addition to this other apps like Evernote, Facebook, and Microsoft Wunderlist can be integrated with Outlook to get events and reminders in the mail app. Along with this, you can also get an integrated calendar, an extensive search function, and support for many different types of mail services while using the Outlook App.

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