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WhatsApp offers end-to-end encryption, which ensures everything you send via WhatsApp is encrypted and is visible only to you and the recipient. You can also choose to go for added privacy using these 3 Tips to improve WhatsApp Privacy. Using these tips you can get additional privacy.

3 Tips to improve WhatsApp Privacy

WhatsApp is a popular app worldwide, it allows us to share joys and sorrows while using the chat. An average person using WhatsApp generally checks 23 times a day if any messages have arrived, The app by default comes with a number of features that keep your private data secure. But can fine-tune some of these settings to get yourself optimum privacy on WhatsApp.

Note in advance: All the tips below are conveniently arranged in one place in the app. Open WhatsApp on your Android smartphone, tap the three balls at the top right, and choose ‘Settings’. Then tap on ‘Account’ and ‘Privacy’.

1. Disable WhatsApp Blue Check Marks

Disable WhatsApp blue check marks is one of the easiest things to do for more privacy on WhatsApp. To disable this you will need to head open WhatsApp app, go to Settings> Account> Privacy and turn off “Read Receipts”. The option is on by default and ensures that you can check whether someone else has seen your message.

Once you turn off by sliding the switch the box turns gray, now others cannot see if you have read the message, but it also applies the other way around. Once you turn off the switch the checkmarks remain gray irrespective of you reading the message or not.

2. Last viewed, shield profile photo, status, and more

WhatsApp by default lets you know when you last opened the app. This allows others to know whether you are an active user or not. In case you are not comfortable with this option head over to Settings>Accounts>Privacy>Last Seen and select who can see you, selecting My Contact will make last seen visible to your saved contact and nobody will disable everyone from seeing when you were last online.

Most of us like to have a nice profile photo on WhatsApp, but since we need a phone number to send someone a message it is wise to shield our photo from the outside world.

Most people have a nice profile photo on WhatsApp. Since you only need a phone number to send someone a message, it is wise to shield this snapshot from the outside world. Once you go to Settings>Accounts>Privacy>Profile Photo you can choose either my contacts or nobody, the earlier option will make your profile photo visible to all your contact while the other option will allow nobody to see your photo.

Similarly, you can hide your status updates too by going to Settings>Accounts>Privacy>Status. The Status feature in WhatsApp is identical to Stories on Instagram. You include a short video or a photo about what they are experiencing at that moment.3-Tips-to-improve-WhatsApp-Privacy3. Disable location

WhatsApp also allows you to disable or enable the ‘Live Location’ feature. This can be helpful especially when are at a crowded place like a music festival and are lost or if can’t find the location you had an appointment or simply you have no clue where you are.

But the issue with the Live location feature is WhatsApp can where you are at all times and not just when you share it on your chat. So if you have privacy concerns you can disable the Live Location feature by turning it completely off.

To disallow WhatsApp to see your location head over to Settings>Accounts>Privacy>Live Locations, it is disabled by default. To enable it simply Tap and now your Live Location is enabled.

Hope now you will find it easy to keep yourself secure and private. Don’t forget to comment in the section below, need your inputs to prove all the information and help we can provide.