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Android is popular as it is versatile and allows you to play around with various options. You can always play with the various skins to vivid colors or different icons, themes to small folders and assistants or widgets to the convenient app drawer. In this article, we discuss the 5 best Android launcher apps available on Google Play Store.

There are many android launchers available on Google Play Store and it brings a lot of exciting and innovative features. Though many launchers tend to consume a lot of power and drain the battery, even though now we use powerful and highly efficient Android Nougat still android launchers tend to hang android phones. Hence it is important we pick and choose the right launchers after carefully studying the different android launchers. You need not worry as we present you our 5 Best Android Launcher apps of 2017.

5 Best Android Launcher Apps

Arrow LauncherGoogle Store badge

This app was built by Microsoft and has been listed as one of the best launchers. Being associated with Microsoft naturally, gives it an advantage as all Microsoft products are built to perform efficiently and to increase customer productivity. Though the app lacks a few customization options, it’s built-in a neat manner with clean home screens, properly ordered widgets and cards, and a speedy app drawer. The good thing about this app is your Outlook account can be linked with your email and calendar appointments.

Key Features:

  • Microsoft App – Efficient Performance
  • Outlook Linking (DOC)

Nova LauncherGoogle Store badgeNova Launcher is the oldest launcher in the market of graphical user interface customization of smartphones. It is also one of the most highly customizable launchers you will find on the internet. Although it has a range of features you will need to pay for it, whereas the standard features are all for free. The paid version includes features like customization of gestures towards your home screen i.e Touch, Swipe, Pinch, or Double Tap to open your favorite apps. Scroll effects are added such as Cube, Tablet, Card Stack etc. Other tools you can customize for free are the common features such as Icon size, color control, etc.

Key Features:

  • Gesture Control – Swipe, Pinch Double Tap
  • Scroll Effect – Cube, Tablet, Card Stack
  • Icon Layout – Size, Color Control

Atom LauncherGoogle Store badge

Atom launcher very flexible as you can develop a custom theme, also there is an Atom Bar similar to the notification panel which provides Search, Clocks, Quick Settings, etc which then can be modified by the user. You can create your own app grid size with different options like 5*6 and 6*6. The app comes with a home screen copy feature which allows you to bring the home screen of another launcher to Atom Launcher. It is light, efficient, and has enough features to help you personalize your phone.Atom_Launcher_TechnoidHubbadge_new

Key Features:

  • Atom Bar – Search, Clock, Quick Settings Etc
  • App Grid Size

Evie LauncherGoogle Store badgeEvie launcher comes with a wide variety of customization tools and consumes less memory along with the user-friendly setting. The app comes with features like Double Tap to lock screen, Widgets Redesign, Folder Designs, and Dock with some Custom Grids bring the launcher to life and makes it the best.

Key Features:

  • Custom Shortcuts – Allows you to create a shortcut of search result just by a long press.
  • Universal Search – Which searches for you inside all apps in one place.
  • Easy design – Icons Size, Folders, Customizing grids

SquareHome 2 – Windows StyleGoogle Store badgeAs the name suggests SquareHome 2 – Windows Style launchers give you the experience of a Windows Phone. The title theme is prominent with a smart app drawer, notifications on tile, quick access to your personal favorite contacts, and plenty of other options for customization.
The salient feature of the launcher is it’s designed on metro UI of Windows 10 which is also known as Microsoft design language. This makes it look Simple, Beautiful, and Powerful.SquareHome2_Launcher_TechnoidHubbadge_new

Key Features:

  • Windows Theme Smart App Drawer
  • Notifications on tools