5 Best Free WhatsApp Status Saver Apps for Android
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WhatsApp is the most popular instant messaging app for various platforms such as Android, iOS, Windows, MAC, and the web. It allows you to exchange texts, make voice and video calls and share status.

In this article, we will discuss the 5 Best  Free WhatsApp Status Saver Apps. It enables you to share  WhatsApp Statuses allowing you to share text, photos and videos with your friends. The WhatsApp Status disappears after 24 hours and is end to end encrypted. 

Status on WhatsApp is open to all users, and if you want to save a Status, you can do so in the Status section of the app. This is helpful when you come across a status on your friends profile that you desperately want to save.

5 Best WhatsApp Status Saver Apps for Android

This feature is not built in WhatsApp so if you want to save a WhatsApp status you’ve seen or shared, there are plenty of third-party apps you can use for free.

1. Status, Sticker SaverStatus, Sticker SaverStatus, Sticker Saver is an Android app that allows you to save the status messages, so you can back them up and keep them long term.

This app requires you to link your WhatsApp account and view the desired Status that you want to save. Once you have viewed it, the Status is automatically saved in the app. You can then download it onto your phone.

You can also add stickers to your WhatsApp and use the Status section for updates about your day.

2. Status Download for WhatsAppStatus Download for WhatsAppStatus Download for WhatsApp offers a way to save your video or photo statuses on your Android device. You won’t have to worry about losing these statuses thanks to this app.

Status Download for WhatsApp allows you to post a story in the background, and you must also open up WhatsApp. You must view your friends’ statuses to start the process of posting one from there.

You can have the status seen on your screen, which is what it is going to save on your smartphone. The app supports bulk actions.

3. WA Status – Save StatusWA Status – Save StatusThe WA Status – Save Status is a nifty app that has a smart user interface.

WA Status allows you to download content from the official WhatsApp through your iOS or Android device and is free to download on the Google Play Store.

WA Status saves your WhatsApp status and has a running app that does not need viewing.

4. Status Downloader for WhatsAppStatus Downloader for WhatsApp
Status Downloader for WhatsApp is a great app for downloading status videos and photos shared by your friends.

In order for Status Downloader for WhatsApp to work, you need to launch the application and maintain it in the background. Once you have been notified that your status update has been downloaded, you need to re-open the Status Downloader for WhatsApp application again.

To save a status, open it and tap the Save button on the bottom right of your screen.

Status Downloader for WhatsApp allows you to share the downloaded status instantly to your account.

5. All in one status saverAll in one status saverThe app can work with many instant messaging applications, such as Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and Telegram.

All in one status saver allows you to re-post updates from your social media, without having to log in.

All in one status saver were two options for downloading Facebook videos. One option was entering the link manually, and the second was sharing the video link to the All in one status saver app.

All of the apps listed in this article are free on the Google Play store. If you know of other apps to download WhatsApp Status, let us know in the comments below.

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