5 Best online classes to learn a new skill
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Get rid of your pencils and books, grab a laptop get on the internet and start your journey to explore a new learning experience, We will talk about the 5 best online classes to learn a new skill that will help you progress academically. You can receive a high-quality education right from the comfort of your home. No more worries for those who are low on tutions or lack academic resources.

You no longer need to enroll in an Ivy League university, as most of them offer online courses. You need not enroll for them as most of the course content and level of education offered are now available on a few online classes and platforms. They offer the same experience at a far lesser price and sometimes even for free.

We bring you 5 Best online classes to learn a new skill that will enhance you academically, something similar to receiving an Ivy League education.


Coursera is a reputed online education platform that offers some of the finest online courses. They have tied up with a number of top universities and organizations in the world. They offer a wide range of courses such as computer scientists, designers, software engineers, art historians and much more.

Coursera currently is a leader when it comes to offering the largest and most diverse collection of online courses. Many of the courses available with Coursera are directly from the top Ivy League universities like Stanford, Princeton, and Yale. You can enroll yourself for either self-paced or time courses which range between four to twelve weeks. At Coursera, the audit courses are free of charge. The online learning platform offers classes in multiple languages English, Chinese and Dutch.


This online learning platform offers tens of thousands of courses over a surplus of different subjects. Udemy already at the start of 2019 registered nearly 30 million people on its platform for courses it offers on its platform. The Udemy learning platform is unique as it allows its users to act as both student and instructor. This way they are truly making learning a two-way street.

You can find a variety of IT courses on Udemy ranging from AI, self-driving cars, and related technologies. It offers a variety of self-paced online courses at nominal charges which is almost like free of charge. The best part of this platform it offers professionals the to share or sell their skills and expertise via courses. Candidates can participate with as low as $20 and get complimentary certificates on completion of courses.


If you are into coding or want to learn how to code?, Codecademy is the one place to be. The online learning platform is cloud-based. Codecademy offers a variety of courses and practices which make learning code and web design not only easy but enjoyable for users.

You can participate in as low as $20. The learning platform allows you to access live technical support from pro developers. Personalize your learning path by picking up tailored courses and skills. Users are presented with project challenges after each unit which allows them to apply the skills they learned during the specific session.

Academic Earth

Academic Earth is similar to Coursera, as it also offers an extensive collection of online courses from prestigious universities such as Harvard, Yale, Stanford, and MIT.

Academic Earth offers top-quality education and opportunities to users around the world. Academic Earth is a like a giant search engine which comprises of intellectual videos, it’s almost like educational “Hulu”. All the video content comes from some of the best universities in the US.

The platform also features over 60 courses and 2,000 total lectures for you to choose from. So, there is truly something for everyone.


If you are a creator, Skillshare is the best online learning community for you. There are tens of thousands of courses available for users on a monthly and annual subscription basis. Almost 30000 courses to be precise, you can opt on this online learning platform. Skillshare offers you courses which cover almost any subject that you can think about like Technical, Creative, Writing, Business & Entrepreneurship, Finance & Accounting or Programming

The best part about Skillshare is it offers a one-month free trial. You can sign up and take a few courses for free before committing your time and money.