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Android devices have become popular amongst the masses for their handy features and one of the most used features is the android voice recorder. As the name suggests the feature allows one to record his or her voice on the android device. The feature allows anyone to record conversations making it popular amongst journalist who constantly interviews people. It can also be of great use for a student who wishes to record the lecture and refer to it as and when needed. No more you need to buy costly instruments for recordings from your online or offline stores, as the android voice recorder on your smartphone is perfectly capable to handle the job of recording your favorite conversations. It’s not just the cost factor but along with it come to the various features where you can record a conversation in various formats, high to low quality, and record screen with voice option making game tutorials or reviews with your comments and amazing experience altogether. There are many voice recording apps available on Google Play Store but we have chosen 5 Best Voice Recording Apps for Android.

5 Best Voice Recording Apps for Android

Smart Voice RecorderSmart Voice Recorder

One of the best in its category Smart Voice Recorder works best when it comes to longer recordings. It is this key feature that makes it the best when it comes to voice recording apps. It can be used to record speeches, lectures, music practice sessions, and similar stuff like that. The Smart Voice Recorder comes with a silence removal on the fly removal where the app automatically detects long periods of silence and is able to erase it. This makes the audio pleasant when you hear it, It also comes with another feature where you can set recordings as a ringtone, a microphone calibration tool, and more.Google Play Button

Audio RecorderAudio Recorder

Audio Recorder is a very basic voice recording app with a simple dashboard. Don’t let its simple looks mislead you into believing it to be an ordinary voice recording app as it has features that will surely thrill you. The Audio Recorder app is available for free and with just a single click you can start to record your audio. It can stop/pause recording in the middle and then continue recording to the same file. One feature which stands out is it can support a couple of actual microphones that are capable of recording some decent audio.  Along with the hardware support, we just mentioned it can also record, save and upload stuff to various platforms including cloud storage. It has no in-app purchases and does not bother you with unwanted advertisements at least for now.Google Play Button

Easy Voice Recorder

Easy Voice Recorder is certainly easy as its name suggests. The app comes with a user-friendly interface which makes it easy to record things on your phone. Simple to use access the app and press the mic button, record, and share as needed and close the app. It certainly has no unwanted clutter that would distract you from your recording activity. The app allows you to change the format of the file you wish to record in and also has widget support. The basic version comes for free but if you choose to go for the paid version you will also be able to access features like support for stereo recording, Bluetooth microphone support, and more.Google Play Button


Hi-Q MP3 Voice RecorderHi-Q MP3 Voice Recorder

The Hi Q Voice Recorder stands out as a powerful voice recorder with its ability to record voice in MP3 format. This ability makes the recordings sound clear and the sound files are compatible with virtually everything. These recorded files can easily be copied to cloud storage like Dropbox. It also allows you to choose the mic on your device in case you are using more than one mic to record your conversations. The app also supports WiFi transfers, gain control, and more. Though the app comes with a downside as it cannot record your phone calls.Google Play Button



The Snipback is another good voice recording app that comes with the basic features which allow you to record stuff, upload it if need be, and manage the files. The app allows you to select the type of audio quality, recording duration selections, and a noise reduction filter. Its ability to recapture up to 30 seconds of audio from before you start recording makes it stand out from the rest of the voice recorders, but for this, you’ll need to leave the app open in the background. This may consume extra battery but it’s kinda neat.Google Play Button