6 Apps and Sites To Sell Just About Anything
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Craigslist has been a reliable option to sell your old stuff online. In this article, we bring you 6 apps and sites to sell just about anything. 

Though you always need to be sure when things may go wrong when you choose to sell things online. Thanks to the many local police departments that allow you to carry out such transactions in their facilities.

Things to be Aware of When Selling Things Online

  • Never give out your phone number to a stranger. 
  • Don’t accept checks or money orders as prospective buyers can cancel these
  • Use reliable payment apps such as Venmo, Apple Cash, Facebook payments, and more for in-person deals.

6 Apps and Sites To Sell Just About Anything

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is a good place for you as it offers a broad audience to hawk your wares. Don’t forget how big the Facebook brand is, this makes it easy to reach people in your area interested in what you’re selling with Facebook Marketplace for free. 

With Facebook Marketplace you sell just about anything. All you need to do is upload images of your items, select the location to reach potential buyers in your area, and communicate via Facebook Messenger.

In case you are worried about Facebook tracking you, check your Facebook security settings. 


OfferUp offers you a quick way to get rid of all your stuff. You can download the app for free and message others, no need to give your phone number or email address. 

It is an ideal solution for local sales, though you can also extend the range as Offerup allows you to sell nationwide. For goods shipped, the payments are made through the app, while local sale money is exchanged in person. 


eBay is yet another option that enables you to sell things online. It also offers you the feature to check the current market value of an item. While in the case of rare collectibles eBay offers a better audience than if you use one of the local apps.

With eBay, you can opt for two ways to sell, via auction or fixed-price listings. You will be charged fees for both methods, while all payments go through PayPal.


Mercari is a good app as the sellers don’t need to meet up, as all items are shipped. The app offers users to list as many things as they want with zero listing fees. Though 10% flat has to be paid on the sales you make. 

The buyers can ask you the price or offer you an amount they are willing to pay to purchase the item. The Mercari app withholds your payments till the buyers receive their item, leaves feedback for you, and leave feedback for them.

Money can also be transferred from the Mercari app directly to your bank account, this can take a few days. This may take some time but there are no fees for transfers. 


If you are interested in selling tech gadgets, like old phones, computers, tablets, and smart home gear, Decluttr is the best option. All you need to do is create a listing, write a description, upload photos, or negotiate with buyers. Upload the device information you want to sell, and you get an offer.

Hassle-free as you don’t need to dig out the old charger, original box, or any accessories. You get paid only for the device and the payout is pretty good too.


thredUP you sell all the clothing stuff you have easily instead of carrying it over to a resale shop or dropping them off at the Salvation Army or Goodwill. 

It is the largest online consignment and thrift store that offers you the Clean Out Bag instead of manually listing your items. All you need to do is fill the kit with gently-used items and ship it back. The app does the rest and sends them to buyers.

The app does not sell everything as 40% of the goods are not accepted. As the platform says it cannot sell the items, leading to them being shipped back for $10.99 or let thredUP donate them to charity on your behalf.

You can receive payouts in the range of 5% to 80% for directly purchased items, while between 20% to 95% for consignment goods.  Payment options include PayPal, a Visa prepaid card, or shopping credit.

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