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WhatsApp is one of the most popular messenger apps around. To stay on top of its game it needs to be updated with the latest features that will keep the users glued to it. We will discuss 7 New WhatsApp Features you are awaiting from Dark Mode to WhatsApp Pay and much more. We have already mentioned quite a deal about the upcoming features in our earlier articles, but this one will sum it all for you to give you a clear picture of what you can expect from your favorite messenger app.

7 New WhatsApp Features you have been waiting for

1. Dark Mode:

Dark Mode is a feature that has been welcomed by many Android users. Since the feature has been introduced it has already been embraced by many popular apps like Facebook, Gmail, etc. We are getting everything from browsers to operating systems supporting Dark Mode. WhatsApp cannot be left out, and will soon bring out Dark Mode for WhatsApp. Dark Mode offers two advantages to its users as it is calmer to the eyes and proves to conserve your battery power while using OLED displays.

2. WhatsApp Pay

Digital payments are widely popular, the more options we have the better. India has lately taken some serious steps to improve its efforts to encourage digital transactions. Already there are a number of competitors in this space. Turns out WhatsApp with such a large number of users, has a ready market for its digital payment feature. Work is underway after initial hiccups have received the desired approvals from the government. Tests also have been carried out among select users to check the payment system. Soon we can see the new WhatsApp Payment feature rolled out by the end of this year.Add-Contact-Scanning-QR-code

Source: WABetainfo

3. Add Contact Scanning QR code

Scanning QR code is like a child’s play makes inputting data so easy. Now you can use QR codes to scan and add contacts to WhatsApp. The new feature will include a QR code for all users on WhatsApp making the process of adding to your contact list all the easier.

4. Separate web app

We can use WhatsApp on our desktop even now but we need our smartphones to be connected. This is bound to change soon, now WhatsApp will offer you to independently log on to WhatsApp from a browser. This will not require you to stay connected with the phone while you are on the web.Touch-ID-accessSource: WABetainfo

5. Touch ID access

In a move to improve user security WhatsApp will soon be introducing a fingerprint authentication system for Android users. Apparently, iOS users already are able to use touch ID and Face ID for authentication.

6. Share status on other apps

Now it will be possible for all users to share the status on other apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. The feature is already available for beta users once the tests are complete the public version will be made available.

7. Ads in storiesAds-in-storiesAds in storiesAds in storied is a good feature especially if you are looking to promote your products on WhatsApp. The Ads in stories feature will allow you to publish ads in the Stories section. It is a move aimed towards monetizing WhatsApp and is expected to be rolled out by 2020. This feature won’t be of much use to general users, but definitely, something to watch out for all the digital marketers out there.