Adobe Premiere Rush video editing app for Android
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Adobe Premiere Rush video editing app to Android is available on Google Play Store. The newest all-in-one video editing tool is a sort of a mini version of Premiere Pro and Audition tools for professional video editors.

Adobe Premiere Rush was earlier available on iOS, macOS, and Windows and now finally comes to Android.

Before you start using it, just need to check if your smartphone is compatible with the Adobe Premiere Rush app. Currently, the app can only run on the latest smartphones around which includes Samsung Galaxy S9 and S10 series, Google’s Pixel 2 and 3 phones, and the OnePlus 6T. Yet we suggest you can try installing on other new brands and check.

Adobe has been a pioneer when it comes to video editing tools, offering Premiere Rush will give many enthusiasts a look at their product. Occasional users can enjoy the app to quickly edit their videos on the go and share it on social media. The app is simple and does not require you to be an expert with editing videos or handle complex tools some of you might be aware of in Premiere Pro.

There are many similarities as it uses the same technologies as Premiere Pro. Adobe Premiere Rush app is rather easy to use and gives you a lot of flexibility and efficiency when it comes to editing videos on your smartphone.

You can use the free version which allows you to export up to three projects. To get additional access you can go for the paid subscription which will cost you $9.99/month plan to access Rush. If you opt for a team and enterprise plan, this will cost you $19.99/month and $29.99/month respectively.

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