Android antivirus apps
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Most of us have Android antivirus apps running on our smartphones, are they working properly? According to AV-Comparatives, they carried out a test on over 250 antivirus apps on the Google platform. Their findings suggest that only 80 antivirus apps were able to clear the basic standards, which means they detected more than 30% of the malicious apps from 2018 and had zero false positives. The researchers said some apps fell short as they would even flag themselves.

The test will help Android owners to understand the difference between genuine, effective Android antivirus apps. This will make them understand how to identify dubious and ineffective antivirus apps.

According to the findings of AV-Comparatives, some of these Android Antivirus apps are not scanning the app code. Instead, they just use the app whitelists or blacklists and sometimes broad ones on that. They generalize the app which has package file names starting with “com.instagram” which might be dangerous as rogue apps can use a variant with that name.

After the test was conducted in January nearly 32 vendors dealing in Anti-malware have vanished. The apps that passed the tests included big brands like AVG, Kaspersky, McAfee, and Symantec. You can read the detailed article to know about all the Android Antivirus apps that have passed and failed the tests here.

This goes to show why it is important to stick around with reputed companies when it comes to antivirus tools. Also goes to show how Google and other app stores are not able to track down on such apps, that violate the law. They need to enforce a baseline level of quality needed to keep your phone safe.

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