Android Users can Start playing Games as they Get Downloaded
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Soon Android users can start playing games as they get downloaded from Google Play Store.

Google has been working on adding numerous gaming features to its latest Pixel phones. Google has already been busy with its UI experiments for a game mode and an earlier rumored option that would allow users to start playing games as they’re still being downloaded from the Play Store.

Earlier at the Google for Games Developer Summit, Google announced it will bring this feature to Android 12.

Play as you Download is the name of the feature, it will be built into the core of Android 12.

The feature will allow users to start playing the game you are downloading within seconds. While the unwanted resources will be downloaded in the background.

Earlier trials conducted by Google suggest games are able to open at least 2 times faster. Typically a 400MB game would take around 10 seconds to fully load. Apart from this Google is also working on reducing the file sizes of the games with improvements to texture compression.

Games eligible for the latest update will be marked with a lighting icon on the install button in the Play Store. Tap on the app to start downloading, it will show the percentage and estimated time for the download to complete on your device.

You will also get an installing note and in a few seconds, your game is launched and ready to play even if it is not fully downloaded. You may witness a more refined version as far as the visuals are concerned as it is still in its development stage.

Android 12 will get stable in a few months from now, then we can expect to see more game support features rolled out. These can be a blessing for users with less than stable internet connections. They can be able to jump into proper gameplay without the need to wait for the entire game to download. Certainly will bridge the gap between Android and consoles in the near future.

Earlier Google Play Instant offered users to try games prior to downloading them. The latest update seems to be a step up to it.

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