Best Android Apps
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We have selected our personal Best Android Apps – Editor’s Choice

Best Android Apps – Editor’s Choice

1.Tor BrowserTor-BrowserThe Tor Browser app provides privacy in numerous ways while you browse the internet. The browser is able to automatically block trackers and removes cookies once you finished browsing. the key feature of the Tor Browser is it allows you to browse the internet anonymously. The browser is also able to block others from knowing which device are you using for your browsing activities. Tor Browser sends your traffic along with several routers and encrypts it three times.

Earlier also we were able to access the Tor Browser on our Android devices via Orfox, a modified version of Firefox. Tor Browser has been released and once the stable version is released which is possibly going to happen at the start of the year 2019, after which Orfox will be stopped. Google Play Button

2.Google NewsGoogle News

Google News app was relaunched last month its renewed avatar as a released as a successor to the Play Kiosk application. Google News allows you to check all the latest news which it displays you on the basis of your search preferences. This way Google wants to make them interesting for you to read. Loaded with the information from your search history it will display all the latest news. The app is light and can work on a basic smartphone with a decent hardware configuration and also a slow internet connection.

Google wants the app to work well in places where internet speed is slow or poor, it presents its news on the app in text format mostly with fewer images. This is done primarily to avoid the internet resources it requires to load images. This also saves the user from consuming his valuable data to browse through the news. The app also takes care that Videos and gifs don’t play automatically making them highly accessible even in places with slow internet connections.  Google Play Button

3. Samsung HealthSamsung HealthThe Samsung Health app is now offered in an updated version which is user-friendly and offers a refreshed dashboard. Earlier the app was clogged with all kinds of charts and widgets. Now it looks well organized and offers a much better presentation. The top half of the image is filled with a pedometer, followed by information about active minutes, sports activities, and climbed floors. Now you can see it has a gray with a touch of green which is now its dominant color.

The menu bar at the top allows you to open three other tabs. While in the Together Menu you can share your sporting performances with friends and family. The ‘Experts’ menu offers videos and tips from athletes and doctors, whereas the ‘Discover’ menu shows an overview of health articles. Samsung has also added support for its latest Galaxy Smartwatches.Google Play Button

4. YouTube Premium

YouTube Premium as the name suggests is a premium service offered by YouTube which comes with added features. The latest YouTube Premium comes with three added features compared to the free version. YouTube premium allows you to enjoy your videos without any Ads, you can also download all the videos, listen to music via YouTube Music, and watch exclusive videos in Originals. The app is very straightforward and simple, at the bottom of the screen you have three tabs: Home, Hotlist, and Library. The home screen On the home screen you will find personal playlists, playlists for a certain moment or activity (such as during sports), and the latest albums and singles. The newest videos are at the very bottom.

Google is a leader when it comes to search engines and with tons of data collected about your likes and dislikes is able to deliver what exactly you will like to watch or listen to. When you open the app for the first time, you will be asked for your favorite artists, after which you will start recommending. Our personal experience suggests we did get what was close to our taste and these result rarely fail to deliver what you like. Google Play Button

5. NetflixNetflixNetflix allows you to watch TV episodes and movies on your android device. Netflix allows you to watch your favorite TV shows and movies anywhere and anytime. The App can be download for free on Google Play store but you will need to pay to watch premium content, though it will offer you thousands of TV episodes & movies on your mobile device for free on registering with the app.

You can enjoy a one-month free trial before deciding to opt for the paid version.  Netflix  App styled neatly and you can browse through the thousands of movies and TV shows listed. The app keeps updating the movie titles it has to offer. It allows you to rate your favorite shows and movies, this helps Netflix to know what you like and can help suggest the best titles for you.

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