Best Android Screen Recording Apps
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The Android screen recording feature is of great use especially while creating videos for tutorials, tips, etc for blogs or while streaming your gameplay. We bring you the best Android Screen Recording Apps of 2021. You can install these apps on rooted as well as non-rooted devices.

You can enjoy free as well as paid screen recording Android Apps. The paid version will offer you more advanced features, while some of the free apps may offer you a screen recording feature with an embedded watermark. Let quickly take a look at the 10 Best Android Screen Recording Apps of 2021.

10 Best Android Screen Recording Apps of 2021

Google Play Games

If you are looking for the best we would suggest Google Play Games, it is not just a hub for mobile gaming but also offers screen recording. As the name suggests though, it is more focused on gamers. It features a built-in screen recording function that helps you record directly from the app. It is a free Android App Recorder with no ads and records up to 720p resolution quality. The app may not work in some countries Super Screen Recorder

Super Screen Recorder offers a user-friendly interface along with some amazing video editing features. It has no limitation to recording time and is an excellent Android screen recorder. As far as the quality of the videos is concerned, offers high-quality videos in various resolutions, frame, and bit rates. It offers a feature that enables you to pause and resume while recording and hide the floating window.

AZ Screen RecorderAZ Screen RecorderAZ Screen Recorder is almost like a premium app offered at no extra cost. The free edition of the app covers most of the advanced features which makes it a heartthrob of millions of users. The app allows you to record video in various resolutions, bit rate, frame rate, customize the time to stop, and more. Additional features like the Magic button, ad-removal, countdown timer, etc are available with the paid version of the app.

 Screen Recorder

Screen Recorder is a full-fledged Android screen recording app. It is free of cost and does not come with ads or in-app purchases and offers premium-like features. It does not contain watermarks or requires root access. Screen Recorder allows you to record screens in various resolutions, frame rates, bit rates, and more.

Users can add text or logo to their recording and enjoy features like record touch input, external audio, and supports Facecam while recording. The inbuilt video trimmer features allow you to choose the location to save your video.

RecMe Screen RecorderRecMe Screen RecorderRecMe screen recorder app allows you to record internal audio as well as video when used on a rooted device. This will not work while you are not rooted, yet you can enjoy many other features on the screen-recording front. It offers up to 60fps 1080p video quality, a front/back camera overlay for premium users, and microphone recording.

It offers a user-friendly user interface and fits like a glove with its material-design aesthetics. Mobizen Screen Recorder

Mobizen Screen Recorder Android screen recorder allows you to record, capture, and edit any videos, games, or apps. The app features a number of video editing features and high-quality video resolutions. Users can also capture their reactions with the Facecam.

Mobizen Screen Recorder is available for free on Google Play Store and comes with a free watermark removal tool and a clean recording mode. The free version comes with ads and in-app purchases

MNML Screen RecorderMNML Screen RecorderMNML Screen recorder is a no-fuss screen recorder as it comes with no ads and an easy user interface. The App is not loaded with features that make it light and do not overwhelm the users.

Offers recording at up to 60fps, bit rates up to 24 Mbps, and video resolutions are capped to 1080p. Since it comes with limited features you can open recordings in Google Photos and easily edit them there.

ADV Screen Recorder

ADV Screen Recorder is an Android screen recorder that comes with two different engines. It allows you to use both your front and rear cameras while recording. You can also draw or write over the clip and set different resolutions, frame rates, bit rates. It allows you to pause in between the recording and also does not contain a watermark.

It offers you a 3 seconds count down before the actual recording starts. You can download the app from the Google play store for free but it does contain ads and in-app purchases.


REC Screen Recorder is a free screen recording app. It allows you to record your screen in various high-quality formats ie. UHD, FHD, HD, etc. with great audio quality. Its super optimized screen capturing features makes it easy to work with while creating recordings for games, tutorials, video calls, live shows, video players, etc.

You can add your own logo or watermark to the video and it provides an interface in more than 30 languages.

Record screen on Android Without App?

There are other options to record screens on Android without an App. Professionals can use capture cards to connect their Android device with a computer and record. This option is a bit expensive but you will reap the rewards as it offers you the best video quality. Working in this fashion is not only quick but also makes it easy to work with larger files.

The other option is Vysor, the free version that offers you the basic features. You can install the Vysor app on your smartphone from the Google Play store and connect your phone directly with your computer. Easy-to-follow options will get you ready to record quickly.

Apart from this few Chromebooks offer features to mirror your Android device directly to it. This will require you to own a Chromebook.

Last but not the least, many custom ROMs like OnePlus’ OxygenOS, Xiaomi MIUI, etc offer an in-built Android screen recorder. Worth trying these free tools as they offer more features than you would imagine.