Best Cloud Storage For Your Computers to Save Costs
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Now you have a lot of os choices when it comes to choosing cloud storage to back up files on your next phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop. Since all the devices we use need a backup system that does not require you to plug it into a drive or a different computer once get back home. 

This is where Cloud Storage makes it easy to access your important files on various devices. Unless you depend entirely on an Apple environment, there are other cloud services that can help you get you going on some devices than on others. 

Various options are available from Apple, Google, and Microsoft based on the annual cost

  • Apple’s iCloud+: It offers 5 gigabytes of free storage, after which you can buy 50 GB for $11.88/year, 200 GB for $35.88/year, or 2 terabytes for $119.88/year
  • Google One: It offers 15 GB free, after which you can go for 100 GB at $19.99/year, 200 GB for $29.99/year, and 2 TB for $99.99/year;
  • Microsoft’s OneDrive: The service offers 5 GB free, after which you can buy 100 GB for  $23.88 a year and 1 TB plan for $69.99 a year. While a family plan for 1 TB per person for up to six people for $99.99/year.

iCloud+ offers simple backups on Macs, iPhones, and iPads along with additional privacy features like iCloud Private Relay to hide your browsing and Hide My Email that creates random addresses to your actual email. 

OneDrive on the other hand offers simple backup and useful extra of Microsoft Office’s apps. While Google does offer you 15GB of free storage with Gmail inbox but you won’t get add-ons to match Apple and Microsoft’s.

Additionally, you are other cloud storage options as well such as Dropbox, which offers 2 TB for  $119.88/year, Amazon Prime subscribers get unlimited Amazon Photos storage. Though these third-party services lack their integration with major computing platforms.

We would like to suggest in case you want to go for an online backup option for your devices that are at home most of the time, go for OneDrive to sync its documents, photos and music.

Avoid paying the list price for cloud storage if you can. Try to go for the credit card cashback offers like the American Express 20% off deal for Google One to cut down on the costs. Also, you can purchase Apple and Google gift cards, good for their cloud services, at a discount. 

Chipping away these expenses can certainly help you feel less wary about the cost of doing online business.

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