Best Houseparty App Alternatives
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With one of the most popular video chat app Houseparty deciding to shut shop it is important users find the best Houseparty app alternatives that can fill in the gap.
After being on the scene since 2016, Houseparty has managed to gain a good amount of user base in spite of the presence of other popular video chat apps like Facetime, WhatsApp etc.

We have sorted out some quirky apps for you, something different from the regular apps such as Zoom, Google Duo, FaceTime, etc. which can also fulfill your requirement of having a video chat conversation.

Best Houseparty App Alternatives

RaveRaveIf you are a movie or a Netflix buff, Rave is the must-have app for you. The app offers you the freedom to watch movies or tv shows with friends and is a good alternative for Houseparty App. The app enables you to organize watch parties and invite friends to watch films, tv shows, and videos online while being on live video calls. The watch party feature is the one that makes it such a great alternative for the Houseparty app, as it allows you to enjoy watching stuff online with friends from the comfort of your home. The apps are available for iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows devices. You can download the app on their website.

BunchBunchBunch is very much similar to Houseparty as it allows you to play mobile games with your friends. The built-in library of games inside the Bunch app enables you to play them. Apart from this, you can also play third-party games on Bunch. The app has a close resemblance to Houseparty App if you watch closely. You can download the app for your iOS and Android devices.

DiscordDiscordDiscord is already popular among the gaming community, perhaps needing no introduction. It will fit like a glove when it comes to replacing it with the Houseparty app. Discord offers a number of functionalities such as voice chat, video chat, and servers to stay connected with friends.

You can also live stream games on Discord and invite friends to play games with you. Users can use custom emojis which can be great fun apart from the video chats. You can also enjoy Discord on your mobile as well as your desktop for better functionality. Download the app from their website.

AirtimeAirtimeLast but not least on our list is AirTime, which offers users the option to create room for video chats with up to 10 friends. The Houseparty app alternative offers users the option to create watch parties that can be accessed by all their friends on the app. A perfect Houseparty app alternative to staying connected with your friends virtually while watching movies or playing random videos on a video chat. You can access the Airtime app via browser as well as you can download it for your iOS and Android devices.

We have done our best to present you with the best Houseparty app alternatives. Hope these will help you fill the empty space created with the departure of the Houseparty app. Houseparty app was a wonderful app that was accepted warmly by millions of users worldwide. Fortnite has promised to build on more meaningful and socially interactive with other Epic Games software.

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