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We all love the countless number of filters for TikTok and Instagram. But are they turning out to be harmful? As a matter of fact, there are a number of Body Editor apps available online that can literally alter your body part, the way you look, the color of your skin, make your waists slimmer and you with a muscular body.

According to some of the eating disorders charities, technology firms should take the responsibility for how this is impacting people.

But the truth is none of the social media platforms are breaking any guidelines, TikTok spokesperson said they continuously review their policies.

Earlier last year TikTok banned a number of ads related to fasting apps and weight loss supplements.

Unrealistic Physical Appearance

Body Editor apps create an unrealistic physical appearance which is dangerous especially for the younger generation. Such false narratives on social media may lead children into teen depression.

There are a number of fun apps, that are meant for fun, the Beard filter, FaceApp, etc. But things seem to be going out of control especially with teens, we need to push new regulations to control such apps. They can be harmful if they are allowed to continue targeting vulnerable audiences. Especially the body Editor apps.

Even today we have a number of such body editor apps available on both the Apple and Google Play store. We need to reconsider and rethink the future of such apps that are widely used to edit photos or videos, change the size and shape of bodies and faces, smoothing skin, and enhancing muscles.