Brickit iOS App
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Brickit iOS App helps you to build more using the same Lego you already have. We have all as kids owned a LEGO box and spent hours building all sorts of gadgets and gizmos with it.

While not all can be as creative as others, it can be a bit confusing to figure out the different pieces you require to build on a particular structure. It is extremely difficult at times to understand which block goes where and what the possible outcome would be. Spending hours together can be really irritating to know some of the vital pieces are missing. It can be a real battle you will be able to win by the time you end up finishing your build.

Brickit iOS App

Brickit iOS App is just the ideal companion for you. You can use the app to scan your LEGO blocks. It creates an inventory of your collection, it not only counts all total number of bricks but also sorts them by size.

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How does the Brickit iOS App Work?

You are required to lay the LEGO blocks on a flat surface and take photographs. The app will recommend a number of figures you can build using the bricks available in your collection. The app also gives you step-by-step directions for the build.

Brickit iOS App Builds

Brickit iOS App suggests a number of builds which include a platypus, a typewriter, a racer car, a train, and a peacock.

You will not run out of creativity as the app will offer more in the forthcoming weeks. The app also shows you where the LEGOs are in the pile you just scanned.
The app also encourages you to be creative, staying true to the spirit of LEGO building, in case you don’t quite have the right size or color of blocks.

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