5 Tips to Create Own Routes in Google Maps with Google My Maps
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We use Google Maps to find locations but do you know with Google My Maps app you can create your own maps, routes, and more?. We bring 5 tips to create our own routes in Google Maps with My Maps.

Google My Maps allows you to create personalized maps. The app is an entirely independent service and has not a thing to do with Google Maps, many people are not aware of the app. My Map app is versatile as you can work with it not just on your smartphones but also on your desktops or laptops. Once you have prepared the Map you can easily share it with your Android device by clicking share. This map will directly pop up directly in Google Maps.

5 Tips to Create Own Routes in Google Maps with Google My Maps

  1. Define the Card with a clear name: If you are planning to go trekking this vacation you will require to plan a route you have created on the same map. You will need to keep the cards different, this will make it easy to recognize them and keep track of them.
  2. Add Markers: Click on the map to add markers where you want to place them. You can also add relevant information here. This will be useful for you to identify where a nice restaurant is or what is its name. You will proceed to a new screen where you can change the name and description of the point. Select save and return to the map with an overview of all the markers on the left side of your screen.
  3. Add Colors and shapes for the overview: Once the markers are added to the layer, the overview can lose the overview. But you need not worry as My Maps allows you to easily change the color and shape of a marker. Select the marker and then press the paint pot symbol, this will adjust the color of the marker of your choice. This helps you categorize places by using different colors. My Maps also comes with an option to select multiple icons ie. hotels, train stations, and walking routes. Add icons by clicking on a marker and selecting the icon shape. On clicking on more icons you will see a whole list of useful icons that you can use.
  4. Create a Google Maps route: My Maps allows you to create routes for Google Maps. You can create Walking, Cycling, and Driving routes and add several destinations to one route. This will give you an entire vacation card at once. You can create a map route by simply clicking on ‘draw a line’ and choose the means of transport for your route. Google will pick the fastest route for you and only you have to select the point of departure and arrival.
  5. Add photos and video to My Maps: My Maps allows you to add photos and videos via the internet to your tag. You need to select a tag and click edit. You can add photos via Google Images as well as insert a URL of the desired image. Similarly, Videos can be uploaded via Google Video or insert a YouTube URL.

If you wish to work with My Maps on your desktop click here to open the desktop version. After all the cards are prepared and ready, you can view them in the My Maps app which you can download on Google Play Store.

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