Dispo New Vintage Photo App
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Dispo is a new vintage photo app and stands out for bringing back vintage back into our lives. The app is attracting a large number of youngsters in fashion, decoration, and photography.

It mimics the disposable camera experience and yet manages to stay unique from the other disposable camera apps out there.

What is Dispo?

Dispo is a new vintage photo app. It offers you to take vintage photos and share them. It is a mix of cameras that connects directly with your social media.

About Dispo App

Dispo app is developed by a 24-year-old American influencer David Dobrik. The name Dispo was randomly picked and comes from the word “disposable camera”. The app hit the app store back on February 19 and is now valued at nearly $2000 million.

How does Dispo work?

The app works identical to a disposable camera. You have a screen in the middle like a small window which allows you to take the photo. The photo is taken without any filter and you can view the pictures taken only the next day. Unlike to what we all are used to clicking photos on smartphones and viewing them instantly. The app is just like disposable cameras where we cannot use filters, we cannot edit the photos. The photo results are just the grain and exposure defects applied directly and randomly by the application.
It goes a step further by offering you the latest update, a button that resembles the disposable cameras.

How do you get our photos on Dispo?

All your photos are placed in different folders called “rolls”. These bring together photos on the same theme (example: blue photos). The other feature included with the app is it performs like a social network where you can like and comment on the photos.

How to get a Dispo New Vintage Photo App?

Just like Clubhouse, Dispo is only available on the invitation. Also currently the app is developed for iPhone users, maybe we get to see the Android version of the app soon.

The app will surely give you the feeling of the phenomena called “technostalgia”. It is the very opposite of Instagram, where things are a bit speedy. Dispo on the other hand is nice and slow with its share of imperfections that make the app all the more beautiful.

Yeah, it was a joy watching the app developer imagining himself as an Old man and cherishing the memories of yesteryears. If you are one of those folks make sure you get your invite from your friends ASAP.

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