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As we all know DJI is popular amongst drone users for their drones. DJI has manufactured and produced some amazing drones for professional use. But recently it has also introduced a line of professional camera gimbals called the DJI Ronin. They have also released a DJI Ronin Companion App.DJI_Ronin_Companion_App

The DJI Ronin is a professional filmmaker tool with models ranging from USD$1000 to USD$9000. The basic entry-level Ronin M would cost you around USD$1000 whereas an ultra-high-end professional Ronin 2 will cost you USD$2000. Though these gimbals are not for beginners as they come with a lot of many features. Just in case you happen to buy one of these you sure will need to install the DJI Ronin Companion App as well. It will enable you to explore the possibilities to the fullest with your DJI Ronin.DJI_Ronin_Companion_App

DJI Ronin Companion App comes with a lot of control features to harness your expensive Ronin gimbal. The app allows you to control the gimbal motor for its stiffness, strength, outfitter, and control. You can also adjust SmoothTrack, DJI’s system of algorithms that “ensure[s] movements are smooth in every configuration.”

The DJI Ronin Companion App is compatible with various models from Ronin M to expensive Ronin 2. You can get your DJI Ronin Companion App at the link below.

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