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With the latest version, 42 updates of Duo app will get a potentially great enhancement. Just before the Xmas holidays, the users may soon get to send a video message to multiple recipients. This will save a lot of time you used to take earlier to record a message for each and every person individually.

This is not yet confirmed but news sources suggest such an improvement can be expected in the recent version update from the popular Duo app. Though the feature is not live for all users it may be soon available to a small group of users on a trial basis.

Duo App – Multiple Recipients Will Get Message
Earlier in March, Duo introduced a video messaging feature that allowed users to avoid live conversations while being able to send a video. Now it seems users will be able to Now there are signs that you may soon be able to send those messages to multiple contacts at once.

The image below shows a string with a combination of selecting and sending messages to a single contact or multiples. Also, you will be able to scroll through your contact list and tap on each person to add them as a recipient. Though we are not clear if it will come before or after recording your message, it seems like to come first.

<string name=”sending_message_toast_single”>Sending to %s</string>
<string name=”sending_message_toast_multiple”>Sending to %1$d : %2$s</string><plurals name=”clip_contact_picker_title”>
<item>Choose 1 friend</item>
<item>Choose %d friends</item>
<plurals name=”clip_contact_picker_title_multiple_selected”>
<item>1 selected</item>
<item>%d selected</item>

The current update will prove to be a hit amongst users at will allow you to send video greetings to your friends and family which tend to be pretty common. If the feature is released it time it will certainly prove to be a better option over sending poor-quality videos with MMS.

You can download the APK Mirror – v42.0.217638780.DR42_RC09. The cryptographic signature guarantees that the file is safe to install and not tampered.

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