Epic Games launches PC apps
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Epic Games launches PC apps on Epic Games Store, presently five PC apps have been added with more expected to arrive as the year rolls on.

The Epic Games launcher now includes many free PC apps such as Brave browser, iHeartRadio for the North America region. A couple of paid apps have also been included namely art software Krita and 2D to 3D model generator software KenShape.

Epic game’s very own dedicated Itch.io launcher is also available online. This is likely to bring in more attention and eyeballs rolling which will certainly benefit the platform.

With an already huge follower base, it certainly can pose stiff competition for Microsoft Store. Tim Sweeney has been known to criticize Microsoft Store for years. Rumors suggest Microsoft will also be revamping its app store with a new design and few restrictions on apps and game developers.

The other app to make it to the Epic Games store is Spotify, celebrations will begin at 8 PM ET today. As a part of this partnership celebration, every Fortnite crew member will receive three months free premium subscription to Spotify.