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Twitter rolled out a new layout which users will be switched to by default. If you are one of those who does not like it, this is how to get back old Twitter layout.

Many users have been rolled over to the new layout by default.

Many users simply hate the redesigned Twitter UI on the Web. You need not worry as you can switch back to the old Twitter design easily.

Firstly download the Editthiscookie extension for Chrome from the Web Store. You can use the extension also on your Chromium-based Edge browsers.

Firefox browser users can download the Cookie editor extension available.

After downloading the desired extension, head over to Twitter and sign in with your account.Twitter-layout

  • Click the “EditThisCookie” icon and expand the | rweb_optinTwitter-layout
  • Once inside change the value from “on to “off” and click on the green tick mark at the bottom to save the changes.

Reload the page to see the changes. The changes made only affect the browser as these are done in browser cookies.