Google Alarms not going off on Android Phones
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Amidst reports of Google alarms not going off on Android phones, Google has acknowledged the issue and is working on a fix. Apparently, the latest Spotify updates are the reason behind this flaw.

Initially, it appeared to be a problem with Google Clock App, leading to it receiving many one-star reviews in the Google Play Store.

According to Liliputing, the problem affects people who have chosen an alarm ringtone from Spotify. A feature introduced by Spotify in 2018, it worked fine until the recent update rolled out by Spotify. As mentioned on the Spotify Community site, the update was rolled out on August 24.

Google in a statement on its Reddit community page on September 3 acknowledged the problem and confirmed it was working on a fix. Though it is not clear when Google will be rolling out the fix. Google may release an update for the Google Clock app or it might be fixed in future Android updates. Alternatively, the issue can also be resolved if Spotify comes up with its own app update.

How to fix Google Alarms not going off on Android Phones?

You can fix the Google Alarm problem with your Google Clock app without having to wait for the fix. As mentioned the issue is faced by users who have chosen to use Spotify as their source of alarm ringtone.

  • Go to Spotify Settings
  • Choose an on-device ringtone.

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