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Wake up with your favorite Spotify Playlist has become a lot easier. Now you can simply use Spotify in the Google Clock app. You can set music as your alarm sound in the Clock app. Connect your Spotify account to the Clock app and wake up to their favorite playlists and songs.

How to connect Spotify account with Google Clock app

Google clock app is available on most Android Smartphones. The clock app is a pretty straightforward app and is occasionally updated. The app is peeped up with a feature where you can set the Wake-up tune to be your favorite Spotify Playlist.

This is how to do it

  • You can start off getting your Google Clock and Spotify updated to the latest versions.
  • You can download the latest version from the Google play store.
  • You will receive automatic notification of the Wake-up feature. Select ‘’Spotify Music’ and link the apps together.
  • Create a new alarm clock as usual and press the Alarm icon.
  • You will be able to view two Tabs. Press Spotify in the top right and search for your favorite number you want to wake up with.

You can view all your recently played songs on the top. The search feature will enable you to search for a specific track. You can also use a playlist created by Spotify as an alarm clock. You can continue to listen to the alarm clock once it goes off or you can choose to continue listening in Spotify.

The latest feature works for both premium users of Spotify as well as with the free subscription. The latest version 6.1.0 suggests it also supports wake-up tune from YouTube and Pandora.

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