Google Lens
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Now you can enjoy your favorite Google Lens app on iOS. If you are not aware of Google Lens it is an app that allows you to point your smartphone camera at objects in the real world and gather information about what they are. Google has integrated the AI features that scan what your phone is looking at and then show you the relevant information on the screen.

It is a step into the future by Google where people will relate more and more with images than just the regular text-based search queries.

Earlier this app was available only for Android but now iOS users can also access this app on their devices. Head Over to the app store and download the Google Lens app. Once installed simply tap the Lens icon on your iPhone next to the microphone icon in the Google search bar. This will switch on your smartphone’s camera and you will see a number of moving bars.

This indicates that Google AI is working in the background.

Point the smartphone camera to things you wish to identify, you will be amazed to see Google Lens is able to identify most things for you like bars, restaurants, and natural things like plants and animals. It can also help you copy and paste analog text easily.

Before this iOS users were using the Google Lens in its limited capabilities in the form of the Google Photos app which allowed them to scan photos. But now with the introduction of the Google Lens app for iOS users will be able to explore the whole process in a much more fluid and easy manner. Now users will simply need to tap on the Google Lens icon and point at the object they wish to click the picture and gather information even before clicking the picture.

The Google Lens for iOS is available on App Store for iOS devices since it has been rolling out slowly since last week. If you have not yet received it, don’t worry it will reach your devices soon.

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