Google One for Android
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Google One for Android last year introduced VPN for its high-tier plan users in an attempt to boost its subscriber base. Continuing with their efforts they are now working on a feature to block the internet if VPN disconnects on the Google One app on Android.

The block internet if VPN disconnect updated feature is now available. To enable this feature you will have to go to the settings tab as there is no dedicated page under “Advanced VPN settings.”

This will enable your device to connect to the internet without getting blocked or protected as it tries to reconnect VPN automatically when your device gets restarted.

Google One for Android ver 1.92 uses a string to enable the “block internet if VPN disconnects” feature in settings. The browsing history will always be routed through the VPN, as a result, traffic will halt until the VPN reconnects in case of an interrupted connection.

Block Internet if VPN disconnect
Source: 9to5Google

The feature is currently listed under Beta and it does not recognize app-level capabilities. This means you cannot control features such as “Always-on VPN,” with “Block connections without VPN” from the system settings.
[box type=’info’ fontsize=’16’]<string name=”ppn_safe_disconnect_beta”>[Beta] Block internet if VPN disconnects</string>
<string name=”ppn_safe_disconnect_description”>Internet access is restored once the VPN reconnects</string>[/box]

To access the VPN setting tap “View detail” on the “Online protection with a VPN” card. You will only be able to view the advanced VPN option currently to generate a quick settings toggle.
[box type=’info’ fontsize=’16’]<string name=”ppn_safe_disconnect_dialog_content”>”Your internet will be blocked if the VPN disconnects. &lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt; If your device is restarted, the VPN will try to reconnect automatically. Before it reconnects, your internet connection won’t be blocked or protected. &lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt; Once the VPN is connected, &lt;img src=vpn_icon&gt; &lt;/img&gt; will appear at the top of your screen.”</string>[/box]

Download the latest Google One 1.92 on the Google Play store, but the block internet setting is still not active.