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Google is not testing the new Offer Tab in the bottom bar after Google Play Store received a big UI overhaul earlier in April. The search engine giant has added a redesigned Settings page and My apps menu, among other UI tweaks.

According to 9to5Google, the Google Play Store is testing a new “Offer” tab. With this, the number of tabs in the bottom bar will increase from four to five. The new offer tab sits between “Apps” and “Movies & TV.” 

The new Offer Tab displays carousels for “Offers for apps you might like” and “Offers for games you might like.” It gives you a briefing on ongoing sales and deals on games and apps in one place. Though it is different from the offer and notifications that appear under the profile page.Google Play Store Tests new Offer tab in the bottom barGoogle has rolled out the Offer Tab feature in A/B testing and will take some before it’s rolled out to the public. This means this feature being part of its regular A/B tests to improve the user experience, may or may not end up in the final product. 

Earlier Google introduced the Material You redesign with dynamic theming support on Android 12. Google is also working on offering users a better Play Store experience on large screen devices like foldable, Chromebooks, and tablets. Looks like after a long time Google is paying attention to getting a fresh design. The new design will make the content stand out by using large icons and an all-white background.

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