Google Testing an Even Darker Dark Mode
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Google is testing an even darker Dark Mode, according to Google this new feature will make the search screen appear pitch black instead of gray. 

9To5Google revealed the new dark mode, though it is available only to a small group of Google users. Google already has a Dark Mode but the new one is darker with a new pitch-black theme.

The old Dark Mode was gray and soothing to the eyes, while the new is really dark and uses true black (#000000 Hex code). The new theme will look amazing for users with OLED and AMOLED screens, these types of screens push darker blacks than other monitors.

The new pitch-black theme makes the contrast a bit more noticeable and provides a little too much disparity when compared to the gray one.

It will now be up to users to choose which one is their favorite, thanks to Google for giving us the options to create a look and feel that’s comfortable.

The dark mode is available on various devices including Windows 10, Windows 11, Mac, and even Ubuntu.

It is easy to Enable Dark Mode on Google Search, you can follow the guide below to understand. 

How to Enable Dark Mode on Google Search?

You can enable Dark Mode on Google Search using any modern web browser like Chrome, Firefox, or Edge.

  • Launch a web browser on your computer to enable Dark Mode. 
  • Access the  Google site.
  • At the bottom-right corner of the Google site, click “Settings.”
  • Select “Search Settings.”  From the menu.

Note: You can directly click “Dark Theme: Off” in the “Settings” menu to activate the mode, but Google might remove this option in the future.

  • On the “Search Settings” page that opens, in the left sidebar, click “Appearance.”
  • You’re now on the “Appearance” page. Here, in the “Turn Dark Theme On or Off” section, enable the “Dark Theme” option. Then, at the bottom of this section, click “Save.”

  Tip: If you ever want to disable dark mode, select the “Light Theme” option.

  • You’ll see a prompt in your web browser. Click “OK” in this prompt.

Google Search’s dark mode is now activated, and now the Google homepage and the search result pages are all dark now.

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