Google - Two Step Verification Doubles Your Safety
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Google introduced Two-Step Verification(2SV) automatically for Google accounts in 2021, to offer users better security for their accounts with it.  

Google has now shared some insights about the feature and how it’s beneficial for the users. According to Google, there has been a decrease of nearly 50% of accounts being compromised over those not using the 2SV feature, when it enabled the 2SV for over 150 million users. The search giant said it started by requiring 2 million YouTube creators to enable the feature as well.

The 2FA feature or the two-step verification adds an additional bit of data when you log into your account along with your password. Google account users get many options such as SMS-based authentication and verification with Google Authenticator, though they can also opt-out of the feature and turn it off completely.

The two-step verification can be used by users when they access their Google account as well as non-Google accounts. This means that your compromised Google account can get you into a lot of trouble. Though enabling the two-step verification users they make the signing process more seamless. 

Facebook, Twitter, and many other online services also offer some kind of two-step verification to their users. In the case of Facebook and Twitter, it is not enabled automatically, you need to turn it on manually by going to settings.

A few more extra steps can certainly go a long way in securing your Google account. You can consider taking a Security Checkup and using the Google Password Manager which is available in Chrome, Android, and the Google app.

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