Horizon Workrooms
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Facebook launches Horizon Workrooms VR remote work app, which will prove to be a good substitute for Zoom meetings. The latest Facebook will also feature virtual reality in its app, it will allow you to feel like you are sitting around a table in a conference room.

Horizon Workrooms was unveiled on Thursday, it is a free app for Oculus Quest 2 headset users. You can own one for around $299. It is an ambitious effort to enable groups to socialize in VR and use VR beyond entertainment use such as gaming.

Horizon Wordrooms will allow up to 16 VR headset users in a virtual conference meeting room. Each of the members will be represented by a customizable cartoon-like avatar. The avatar appears as an upper-body floating slightly above a virtual chair at a table. 50 participants can be included in a single meeting while the rest can join as video callers appearing on the grid-like flat screen inside the virtual meeting room.Horizon Workrooms_1 According to Facebook it is targeting the growing dominance in the VR space and considers it to be the next big computing platform. It will cause the company to rely less on other hardware makers such as Apple in the future.

Facebook’s vice president of its Reality Labs group, Andrew “Boz” Bosworth said, “This is kind of one of those foundational steps in that direction,”

Irrespective of the Workrooms rollout Facebook continues to face problems with VR. The company will have to convince people to buy its headsets, use them regularly, and adapt to new methods of interaction. This means you will have to adjust to the virtual world and with others within that world, it’s gonna be quite a learning process.Horizon Workrooms_2

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