How to Enable Windows 11 Style Menus in Google Chrome 
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According to Windows Latest, now you can enable windows 11 style menus in Google Chrome in Google Chrome 96 stable release.

Chrome 96 also has new backgrounds and colors for Google Chrome. A new menu style feature, it is very subtle but goes well in sync for Windows 11 devices. Also would like to mention Microsoft Edge has already received Windows 11 design changes before Chrome.

The latest design change offers a new shape to the corners, now they get the new Windows 11 style update which brings rounded corners on menus and other UI elements.

Though this view is not enabled by default, you will require to manually enable a flag. 

How to Enable Windows 11 Style Menus in Google Chrome?

To enable the flag you will need to copy and paste or type “chrome://flags” (without quotation marks) in the address bar to open the Flags menu. 

This is an experimental feature that gives you access to developmental features.

Once you open the flags page, enter “Windows 11 style menus” in the search bar.  A flag with the same name will appear, set it to enabled from the drop-down menu. How to Enable Windows 11 Style Menus in Google Chrome -1_TechnoidHostRestart your browser for the change to take effect. Now you will see new Windows 11 style menus on your Google Chrome browser.

For these changes to take effect you need to be running Windows 11 OS on your PC or laptop to use the feature. Windows 10 users can select the “All Windows versions” from the drop-down menu to access it.

Google Chrome Canary 98 users the feature is live by default. While the Chrome 96 stable build has started rolling out recently and should be live on your PC. How to Enable Windows 11 Style Menus in Google Chrome -2_TechnoidHostYou can also download the update for your Windows device here. While Windows 11 style menus, Chrome 96 also adds a Copy link to highlight features that would send the recipient right to the part of the page you selected.

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