How To Keep Your Fridge Stocked Up Using Apple's Reminders App
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Apple’s reminders app can be such a savior especially when you are in a habit of making it in and out of the grocery store with all the ingredients in under an hour. To make matters worse you tend to forget some key ingredients in your list making it difficult to complete your planned recipe for the week, 

You can imagine how your plans are ruined and people relying on you to make that special dish may feel about it. The best way to get out of this situation is to grab your iPhone running iOS 15, where you can easily set up a shared grocery list in the Reminders app. 

Make a List
The next time rather than trying to create a shared grocery list, everyone can contribute via the app to ensure no groceries get left behind. Make a ListApple Reminders app enables you to create a shared to-do list of things like chores, errands, or even just a list of things you need from the grocery store.

Go to the Reminders app on your iPhone, Tap Add list at the bottom right corner. Give the list a name, you can also make a separate list for each store you or your family members frequent. Though it is quite cumbersome to share multiple lists so do try to avoid it. Instead, you can try to use a single list for everything you need to buy. You can also be able to tag reminders in the app, to get started create a list named Groceries list.

Give you a list of colors and an icon that will remind you of what’s on the list. Tap Done and you are good to go and Tap on your list from the maim Reminders screen.

The Power of Sharing
You can also share the list with others in your household such as your partner or kids. Tap the circle with three dots inside the app on the top right corner of your list to select what goes into your fridge and select Share list.  A sheet pops up with the Share options button below for you to share the list across various apps.

Tap Share Options to turn off the switch that allows other people to share the list if you want to be safe. You can also leave it as it is since it’s only to be shared with trusted folks. 

Now go back to the share page and select Messages, to create a link to send right in the app. You are now able to Tap the link and add the list to their Reminders app as long as they all are running the latest version of iOS.

Get Organized
The advantage of having a dedicated shopping list is that it eliminates the hassle of making a bunch of lists and getting everyone on board them all. Though the tricky party is organizing the list if you get all your groceries from multiple stores.Get OrganisedYou don’t need to worry about it, as the Apple Reminders app has got you covered. You can tag each reminder in your list with hashtags, this will better classify each item. This will give you a better decision-making ability especially if the stores are offering a good deal and which one to get them from. 

You can be more precise about which flavor potato chips you need to buy for your kids. Simply looking at your list, tapping on any item, and a little red “i” with a circle around it should pop up next to it. You will get a bunch of customization options to choose from once you Tap it. You can enter notes from here that will allow others to know the specifics of important items.

You can also add location reminders on your phone, these will ping you once you reach the store. Though you can only set a single ping for your entire grocery list, you can also set pings for individual items, this comes in handy for things you tend to forget. From now on never forget to grab your toothpaste when you are at the store. Additionally, you can also set a ping reminder to go off when you first walk in the store so you grab the first thing and get it out of the way. 

It may sound like doing a lot of things when it comes to sharing a simple list but is quite handy as you no more will forget items when you walk out of the grocery stores. Easily set up an accessible list for everyone in the house to contribute, this will ensure when anything runs out, someone will add it to the list.

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