How to make sure Facebook is not Listening
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In this article, we will discuss how to make sure Facebook is not listening? Have you ever thought of any of your devices listening, a number of tech companies have admitted to smart assistants mishearing commands. We can dig into a few settings which will make you feel genuinely secure that digital ears aren’t snooping.

How to make sure Facebook is not Listening?

1. Change your permissions

Earlier in 2016, Facebook was earlier accused of hearing your conversations, though the social media giant said it uses the mic only when you permit it. The platform maintains it does not use it to serve you ads or content.

Check Facebook’s mic permissions on iPhone:

• Go to Settings, scroll down to your apps and select Facebook.
• View Permissions. Slide the toggle next to the Microphone to the left to disable it.

Check your mic settings on a Mac:

• Click the Apple menu, then System Preferences.
• Select Security & Privacy, then open the Privacy tab. Select Microphone.

It will list all the apps that have access to your microphone. Toggle the sliders of the apps that you want to revoke to the left to disable.

Check what Facebook has access to on Android:

• Tap Settings, then Apps & notifications.
• Scroll down to Facebook > Permissions. You’ll see a list of all the permissions requested by Facebook there.

Check which apps or programs have access to your microphone on a PC running Windows 10:

• Click on the Start button > Settings > Privacy.
• Left-hand menu under App permissions, click Microphone. The first option, “Microphone access for this device,” is a system-wide setting.
• Turn it on or off to access your microphone.
• Scroll down to view a list of Microsoft Store apps that can use the microphone.
• Toggle the slider to turn permission on or off.

Since you are more likely to visit Facebook via your browser, you will also need to disable microphone access to your browser or at least require sites to ask permission every time.

2. Use a microphone blocker

You can also choose to use a microphone blocker such as Mic-Lock, it tricks your computer to think the microphone is plugged in. It is an affordable option, it works as an anti-spying device and blocks any acoustics from being recorded.

3. Build your own mic blocker

You can also choose to build your own mic blocker, get yourself a cheap pair of headphones, and cut the cord near the jack. Plug it into your computer or phone, without worrying about live sound input.

We hope the above information will prove to help you in ensuring none of your devices are listening.

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