Instagram Reels Adds Text-to-Speech and Voice Effects
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Instagram Reels adds text-to-speech and voice effects, get ready to take on TikTok.

Instagram on Friday introduced two new audio tools for Reels ie. Voice Effects and Text to Speech. The text to speech feature allows an auto-generated voice to read users’ text aloud. Something similar to Siri narrating your videos or 60 percent of the videos on your TikTok For You Page.

While using the Reels camera and recording your video you can slide over to use the feature. While the Text Tool can be used to add text to your video. You can click the text bubble and toggle to the three-dot menu, and select “Text-to-Speech.” Then choose the voice you want to narrate your video and post. 

It is a useful tool for creators who have been around with TikTok. The text to speech feature is important as it allows users, especially visually impaired or with low vision to hear spoken versions of written text.

According to Instagram, the Voice Effect tool allows users to modify the audio and/or voiceover in your Reel.  It enables users’ voices to sound like they just breathed helium or give their voice a robotic vibe. Simply slide over to the Reels camera to use it, while recording your video, and tapping the music note. This opens the audio mixer, where you can use the Effects button. Once you select a voice effect, you can start modifying it. When you are happy with the result, post.

The features are really interesting, though you can always hop over to TikTok and see how much you like them.

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