iPhone iOS 16 New Feature Lockdown Mode
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The latest iPhone iOS 16 release brings many new features for iPhone users. We will focus on the Lockdown Mode feature on a length in this article.

Apple first announced iPhone iOS 16 in the spring at Apple’s WWDC conference. After going through a series of beta versions prior to its public launch alongside the iPhone 14 recently.

iPhone iOS 16 New Feature Lockdown Mode
This latest feature with iOS 16 can protect your iPhone and the information stored on it (and other Apple devices).

Incidents involving hackers laying hands on governments and organizations from around using software such as Pegasus have been on a rise. 

This latest security feature released by Apple can help you protect yourself from such types of attacks. The feature is called Lockdown Mode, designed to fight attacks from malware and spyware like Pegasus.

Should I Use the LockDown Mode Feature?
Our answer is yes, though you actually lose some key iPhone features.

The iPhone iOS 16 New Feature Lockdown Mode is designed to keep out highly sophisticated hackers if you have reason to believe you’re being targeted.

Anyone turn this feature on and is aimed at protecting high profile targets like politicians, journalists and activists against vulnerable attacks.

The new feature will provide added protection, as the iPhone already features 

The new  top security is good enough to protect the general public, according to Uswitch. The new LockDown Mode Feature is an extra layer of security designed for users in a profession that puts them at significant risk of cyberattacks or social engineering.

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