iScanner App includes AI additions Sets it apart from its Competitors
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iScanner App includes AI additions that sets it apart from its competitors. It enables you to instantly scan documents to your phone and edit them digitally.

When you need to scan but don’t have a printer with the scanner on top, search for scanning apps on the App Store. iScanner App has a free version that won’t charge fees and still offers features such as scan save formats, document scanning, and multi-page scans.

While the paid version of iScanner App has a lifetime subscription at $39.99 and is competitive with other scanner apps. It offers additional features such as the new geometric dewarping algorithm unavailable with others.

Scanning documents isn’t very exciting on its own, but this app and its AI are a must-have for anyone who’s had to do it on the go.

The recently released dewarping feature allows you to fix crooked scans and skewed perspectives. Optimization used in the tool produces high-resolution images, which can then be translated into an editable PDF. The product also transforms your Apple device into a powerful digital office by integrating a variety of AI features.

This app differs from other scanner apps in that it will count various objects and solve maths problems and equations. This is an excellent option for students or businessakers.

iScanner App, developed by BPMobile, has received overwhelmingly positive reviews among its users, being singled out by national outlets like 9to5Mac and praised for bringing object counting technology to iPhones.

The iScanner App can be accessed through the lifetime subscription of just $39.99 during this limited time. The app has a number of different features including scanning, counting, and more.

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