Latest BMW News App
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Latest BMW News App for Cars Equipped with BMW Operating System 7

BMW rolls out its latest BMW News App for cars equipped with BMW Operating System. According to the Bavarian Auto group, the latest BMW News App has been sent to millions of cars with compatible hardware.

Features of the latest BMW News App

  • Provides in-car information from a wide variety of news outlets.
  • Offers an improved service that brings podcasts to your fingertips.
  • Customers can choose the news categories they are most interested in.
  • Personalizing the news feed by selecting topics of interest.
  • If you ‘like’ an individual post, the app’s intelligent software will learn your preferences on the fly and offer a better feed.
  • The audio quality has been improved.
  • You can choose content according to your preferred country and language.Latest BMW News App

According to BMW the latest BMW News App has additional major news providers to offer a greater variety of news reports. Users can also adjust the duration of the news feeds for both long or short trips. These feeds can be launched with a simple click.

BMW has implemented the latest improvements from the customer feedback. The developers have worked on improved audio quality, intuitive operation, and a more intelligent pre-selection of news.

The latest version of the BMW news app is compatible with BMW Operating System 7 and does not require a Remote Software Upgrade. Users will require to at least have version 20-11 of the BMW Operating System installed. Cars compatible with the minimum requirements will automatically receive updates to the BMW News App in the vehicles over the coming few weeks.

Customers with appropriate vehicles in the European markets will be the first to receive the latest BMW News App. The company will gradually be rolled out to additional markets across the world.

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