Floating Keyboard
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For a long time, we have been using the Google built-in keyboard attached at the bottom of your screen. Now you can enjoy using a floating keyboard instead of the traditional attached keyboard via the Gboard app which allows floating options via the latest update.

Gboard – Set Floating Keyboard

At times it’s a bit messy to have a keyboard on-screen even though we use a smartphone with large screens. For instance, if we just wish to type a small message we find part of the keyboard remains hidden. When using Gboard now you will find a floating keyboard with the latest update released. The keyboard floats above the app that you are working on at that moment.

The keyboard can be moved around anytime you want to. But the app itself will no longer be reduced as before. You will be able to adjust the size of the keyboard yourself. In case you want to tap on tiny keys.

If you are a multitasker then the floating keyboard is certainly made for you. As when you are using your browser and WhatsApp at the same time, both the windows can suddenly become unreadable as soon as you open the keyboard. It becomes a bit irritating when trying to gather information from the browser and later forward via WhatsApp. Using the floating keyboard will help resolve this issue as other apps won’t be pushed away.

How to activate the floating Gboard keyboard:

  • Make sure Gboard is in the picture by opening an app with a text field.
  • Then press the ‘G’ of the Google logo on the left above all keys.
  • Press the three dots in the menu bar to open more options.
  • Select the ‘Float’ button to turn on the floating keyboard.

If you want to reattach your keyboard to the old spot at the bottom, you drag it via the button to the bottom until your device vibrates a little.

The latest feature is part of version 7.6 of Gboard and is available for everyone. So if you are still not using Gboard on your Android smartphone start using it. You can download the Gboard app via the link below on Play Store.

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