Meta Working on A Web Version of Horizon Worlds
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Meta is working on a web version of its social virtual reality Horizon Worlds platform, according to Andrew “Boz” Bosworth, CEO of Meta tweet. The launch of the service will benefit Horizon Worlds users with another option to access the virtual world without having to use Quest VR headsets.

Bosworth further stated the web version of the platform was part of a thread defending Meta’s 47.5 percent cut of sales in Horizon Worlds. A platform fee of 30% for purchases made through Meta’s Quest Store will be included in this 47.5%. With the launch of the web version of Horizon Worlds, the fee for sales would be 25% in a bid to avoid the Quest Store’s 30% cut. 

He further added this percentage will be much lower compared to other similar world-building platforms. For example, if you purchased a digital item in the web version of Horizon Worlds, you pay a higher margin on the sale to the designer you’re buying from compared to purchasing it in the VR version.

Bosworth said, “We’re making good on our goal to ensure that developers have a path to real financial success on our platform. It’s early days, there is still a lot of work to be done and we continue to partner closely with our creators and developers to enable them to earn meaningful revenue.”

He did not explain the web version of the virtual world or reveal any details about how it would work or when it may be released.

TheVerge in a report mentioned that Meta is also working on bringing Horizon Worlds to mobile phones later this year. Soon we may get to the web and mobile version of Meta’s virtual world as a means to get more people to join Horizon Worlds eliminating the need for a Quest VR headset. Though the new development may hamper the platform’s vision of the metaverse. 

With Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s vision of metaverse being the successor of mobile internet. It is unclear how a web and mobile version of Horizon Worlds would fit in this vision. 

The feature is currently under development and will allow creators to sell virtual items and effects within their worlds. In the preliminary stage, it will be released to a small group of creators and the next move would be to build the foundation of virtual reality social networking. The users on this platform will have access to Horizon Worlds and make all in-world purchases. 

A test Horizon Worlds Creator Bonus program for participants in the U.S. will also be starting. The platform is open for users above 18 years in the U.S. and Canada in December 2021 after the platform was first announced in 2019.

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