Microsoft Teams - Walkie Talkie feature available for iPhone and Android
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The latest Microsoft Teams Walkie Talkie feature is available for iPhone iPad and Android devices. Apart from this Microsoft also showcased the launch of rugged Android devices from Zebra, makers of popular mobile devices for frontline workers. 

What is Microsoft Teams Walkie Talkie?
Microsoft Teams Walkie Talkie is an app peeped as an alternative to workers carrying bulky dedicated PTT radios. The Microsoft Teams Walkie Talkie app features a microphone button that users need to press and hold to speak, and users require to release the button to listen to the other speaker.  

The app can prove to be vital for frontline workers for whom mobile communication is vital to response and emergency tasks. The app is available for both iOS and Android devices. According to Microsoft, the app has gained nearly 400% growth in terms of users since the pandemic began in March 2020. 

Microsoft has brought the walkie-talkie app to multiple devices from Zebra. Zebra manufactures a range of Android mobile computers and scanning devices for inventory tracking, field operations, transport, and so on. Earlier Zebra used Windows CE and Windows Mobile for its devices but switched to Android after Microsoft abandoned those mobile platforms.   

The Microsoft Teams Walkie Talking apps stable version runs on many Zebra mobile devices such as TC5x, TC7x, TC2x, EC30, EC50, EC55, MC3300, and MC9300. With the TC-series devices being rugged smartphones, EC devices are more like smartphones, while MC series are barcode scanners.   

The Teams Walkie Talkie app works over Wifi and cellular which means there is no frequency static, crosstalk, or eavesdropping.    

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