Minimalist Android home screen
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We spend more time on our smartphone scrolling the screen through a number of apps, connecting with numerous people via chat. Minimalist Android home screen cuts the clutter and reduces your screen time.

As smartphones get more and more addictive, it’s getting very difficult to get your eyes off trying out the number of apps, be it Google, Facebook, etc. It is a lot stressful at times to wander off on your smartphone accessing every app, viewing multiple notifications, the red dot above an icon, or the numerous icons on your smartphones.

The Minimalist Android Home Screen is designed with minimal UI in mind for your Android Phone. It helps you cut the clutter and focus on the most important things such as crucial information and your mental wellbeing.

The Minimalist Android Home Screen is available for free and runs on all Android 6.0 and above Android phones. The theme transforms the densely populated home screen with information into a clear, clean, and zen-like interface. No more you need to buy a dumb phone or a new phone with minimalist UI like the Light Phone or Punky MP02.Screen Time

The Minimalist Android Home Screen works perfectly with the Android phone you have. Simply change the theme to convert it into pure and less cluttered. The theme strips off visual offers minimal text format with a neutral background. You can also choose your own background color to customize your minimal theme.

Minimalist Android Home Screen also does not collect any personal data and is GDPR compliant. While the home screen offers a visual-free, clutter-free interface you feel almost like you are reading a book. The home screen makes it easy to use your phone, access the apps, and browse the interface without getting exhausted.Minimalist Android Home Screen

The Minimalist Android Home Screen comes with a clock on top with all-important apps such as phone, messages, calendar, and calculator right below. You can access all your applications and are laid out like a menu card when you swipe right. The UI strips away everything that can be addictive and detrimental to your wellbeing without any compromise with all the functionalities. Regulate your notifications and even hide apps that you’re more prone to overuse.

Minimalist Android Home Screen offers you the power to tweak your phone experience and curb your screen addiction without putting you at the mercy of Android’s addictive interface. You are always in control of what you want to do with your phone. You can download the Minimalist Android Home Screen on Google Play Store.