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LastPass is a popular password manager app as it offers a free plan for users. This might all change from March 16, the company decides to bring a few limitations as far as its free plan is concerned. Free plan users can only use the app either on their laptop or mobile.

What LastPass offers its users in the Free Plan

Free plan users can choose either a desktop-only or a mobile-only plan. This means they can use the LastPass application to access data on any Mac, Windows, or Linux PC, which includes desktop PCs or laptops. If they chose the mobile-only plan they can access data only from their iPhone, iPad, or Android smartphones.

Earlier free plan users were able to use LastPass both on their desktop as well as smartphones.
Now to enjoy similar freedom they will have to end up paying $36 per year for a single user, $48 per year for families. The only other option for free plan users is to move data elsewhere.

You can choose to move to these 10 Free LastPass Alternatives of LastPass. They offer similar features as LastPass used to before in the free plan. Once you made a decision to use another password manager app, you will be required to move your passwords from LastPass.

If you don’t know how to do this, we have you covered, follow the instructions given below to get the passwords transferred to the new password manager of your choice.

How to Move Your Passwords From LastPass

You can move your password from LastPass either by using a CSV file or an encrypted file. Transferring passwords using CSV files will get you up and running with any of the password management apps out there.

For Windows and macOS users

  1. Open your browser and sign in to your account on
  2. Click Advanced Options in the sidebar.
  3. Choose Export and enter your LastPass password. You’ll see your LastPass data in a new tab.
  4. Select all the onscreen text (Ctrl + A).
  5. Copy the selected text (Ctrl + C).
  6. Export using the LastPass web browser extension
  7. Click the active LastPass icon.
  8. Navigate to Account Options OR < your username > at the bottom of the menu, then go to Advanced > Export > LastPass CSV File.
  9. If prompted, enter your Master Password and click Continue.

A CSV file containing your data is downloaded.

In case you are using a smartphone, you will require to use the browser. Many phone browsers do not automatically download the generated file.

  1. Login to your LastPass account via your phone browser.
  2. Click Export option
  3. Enter the master password and download the file.

If you are not able to download the file, go ahead and select all and copy it. Open a Notepad or TextEdit and paste the CSV data. Select File > Save As in Notepad or TextEdit and enter a name with the .csv extension at the end. Make sure to save it as plain text (not rich text).