Netflix Hangouts Chrome extension
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Netflix Hangouts Chrome extension lets you get away watching Netflix while you are supposed to work. If you wish to watch Stranger Things while you are at work, not an issue simply press the Netflix Hangouts Chrome extension icon and you are good to go.

The Chrome menu brings up a fake four-person call conference call window on the screen. With the bottom right window playing your favorite Netflix show, while the other three windows have your fake buddies get down to business.

It is a safe bet as long as you can get away with it and no one notices that the conference call consists of three strangers alongside the cast of Stranger Things.

Mschf Internet Studios developed the extension who has developed a number of curious internet apps in the past. One such was a Slack channel which offered $1000 in prize money for the first person to guess each word of the day. This was shut down by Slack after just a week.

Netflix Hangouts is just another service that allows you to enjoy sneakily at your workplace. There have been websites that make Reddit appear like Outlook and another one that makes Facebook News Feed look like an Excel spreadsheet.

Watch Netflix at the workplace using the extension at your own risk and don’t blame us for getting fired.

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