Netflix Working on N-Plus Service for Original Content
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Netflix working on N-Plus service for original content, according to a recent survey conducted by the streaming company. The Protocol reported about the survey, which suggests a number of features will be updated by Netflix.

Netflix will likely be introducing the N-Plus feature which will offer watch lists, behind-the-scenes info, “how-to” content, and podcasts.

According to Protocol, N-Plus is a future online space where you will come to know about all your favorite Netflix shows and anything related to them.

The feature will also allow users to create their own watch lists of shows and movies, and share them online. The upcoming N-Plus feature will allow users to determine the fate of developing Netflix productions. This means viewers will be able to know about planned shows beforehand and influence them even before their filming is over.

Earlier last week Netflix also launched its “Shuffle” feature which allows users to figure out what show to binge.

In case you missed it, Netflix launched its “Shuffle” feature last week to help you decide what show to binge on.