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We have many times accidentally deleted our notifications. Let this not bother you as now you can always retrieve these notifications. All you need to do is backup all your notifications.

Back-Up Android Notifications

You have already witnessed this, you sweep away a notification without reading the content, but actually are still wondering what it was about. Though many people are unaware that you can retrieve deleted notifications. This can be achieved in two ways either via Android itself or an app that will help you. We have explained both the methods for you to choose from.

Download Without An App

Your phone comes with an inbuilt Android feature that allows you to recover deleted notifications, but the option remains hidden. You can get back deleted notifications using this feature on Android:Notifications

  • Press anywhere on your home screen and hold for a few seconds.
  • Select ‘Widgets’ and scroll to ‘Settings’.
  • Select ‘Notification log’ and place the widget.

Clicking on the bottom of the screen you will get an overview of all notifications. View what the report is about, which app sent it, and more. Though you cannot restore the notification.

Download Using The Unnotification App
Though there is a message log in most of the Android smartphones around some do not have it. Yet there is a solution to this, you can use an Unnotification app that will be able to retrieve notifications and more.Unnotification

  • Download Unnotification and start the app.
  • Allow permission to manage notifications.
  • When you delete a notification, you will now be asked if you want to restore it.

It might be irritating when the app asks for confirmation to recover each deleted notification. You can skip this by simply setting a checkmark in the settings under ‘Use Quick Settings Tile Only’ so that the app only works via a shortcut.

The app also allows you to set up how many seconds there are between removal and recovery. By default, this is 5 seconds. On the home screen, you can put apps on the ‘block’ list so that you are not disturbed by this. Get the app on Google Play Store.

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