Roku Removes YouTube TV app
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Roku removes the YouTube TV app from its channel store after deal with Google ends. Since Friday all users who have already installed YouTube TV on their devices will continue to stream it. But new customers will not be able to sign up for YouTube TV on Roku. None of the users will also be able to download the channel if it’s not installed.

You can still continue to enjoy the main YouTube app. Amidst the concerns over the Google YouTube TV app, users can opt to use a subscription service that streams live television channels as an alternative to cable or satellite TV.

Roku is not happy with Google not renewing its agreement, the company initially disclosed YouTube TV could potentially be removed from its platform.

In a statement, Roku said, “it isn’t seeking greater payments from Google but is standing firm on points such as search-result manipulation, access to data, hardware requirements that could increase device cost and what it claims are “discriminatory and anti-competitive” actions by Google.”

YouTube spokesperson in a tweet said, the company is working with Roku and is expected to reach an agreement that will benefit the viewers. We regret that some of the users may have seen messages from Roku while negotiations are still ongoing.

Google’s YouTube clarified its stand on Monday saying such claims were baseless. They will continue to negotiate with Roku and ensure high quality and consistent viewing experience and hope to resolve the issue for its members.