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Netflix is a popular streaming platform with a huge collection of titles available for its huge list of subscribers worldwide. Searching for tons of titles a wide catalog certainly not an easy task, now search Netflix with the help of FindFlix Chrome extension.

It might turn out to be difficult for you to locate the series or movie that will interest you. You might find it helpful when certain blogs try to send you monthly or weekly summaries of the upcoming series or movies.

We guess after having said and done to try and make your life easier trying to search Netflix titles, we have got something for you. All you need is the FindFlix plugin for your chrome browser, simply download it and it will help you find your Netflix titles easily no more trying to browse through tons of titles.

You can download FindFlix plugin developed by Patrick Gawler from Chrome Web Store. The plugin is based on the history of views and ratings given by various users. Users suggest the new content through a box displayed on the homepage of Netflix as seen below.findflix pluginThe description on the Chrome Web Store suggests the FindFlix will be able to give you the best suggestions on what to watch on Netflix. It is the preferred place to check out what to watch tonight.

Further, it mentions on the Chrome Web Store that Netflix comes with a huge catalog, and might be confusing for you to find a perfect series or watch a movie similar to what you have viewed before.

We think it is certainly a savior when it comes to finding the desired series or film. Do try the FindFlix plugin. Please leave your comments in the box below and share your experiences using the FindFlix plugin.

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